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Stupid One Direction lyrics are stuck in my head!! I swear to god they've been there all damn day.. THANKYOU KIM HAHAHA.

And the aftertaste of the cappuccino jelly bean is still in my mouth wtf.

I think I'm going to go eat some food. Hungry and tired and cold at the same time *_* Went dog-hunting with Kimmeh and Q today at an animal shelter and there were more empty cage-thingies than there were occupied, so that was a good thing, I guess. We ended up coming back to my place to watch Wolf Creek (ugh I could not focking stand the tortured screaming, worse than Saw somehow) and went to Manmo to eaaatttt. Theennnn.. Went to Brighton beach and holy fuck me it was gorgeous!!!!! ..and then got wet which was fun. Sitting in a car with soaked clothes really isn't a joyful experience. SORRY KIM'S CAR! LOL I HOPE YOU'RE NOT TOO SANDY NOW X__x"

Ah, twas a good day. Fucking tired as heo now though!!!!! See you kids soon ♥

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