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I love being the age that I am. I'm not legally an adult yet (which I won't ever feel like for decades, at least) but I'm old enough to realise things. Things like how values change after a while, how our friendships are, above all, shaped by ourselves - the people we want to surround ourself with, whether or not they'll be a good or bad influence, whether or not we want to be influenced in that way in the first place..

Haha this all made more sense in my head. In a way, I'm eager to learn new things as I grow older, but in another, I don't want to grow old. I love my youth, I like knowing I have all the time in the world. It's such an indulgence, I know - but I'm sure a lot of my generation feel this way too (not that that's a justification, of course!!).

Hung out with Annagays today with Qino and Lynno. Lurrrrrve dem ♥

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