23, Sydney AU


is pretty much the word that sums up the last 45 hours of my life. I couldn't be happier. :) Photos of formal coming soon! But here are some stolen from Sunny bubbi's facebook hehe :). Prepare for a lot of sexy people, guys, everyone looked ridiculously HOT.

My twitter ladies hahaha! Follow @goodnightbeck, @4nnaL, me (!!) LOL and @heybritters on twitter if you have one! ♥

.. So torn between laughing and crying at Jamie for both ruining and making the photo funny.

Holy shit so happy at how my makeup turned out in the photos, I was shitting myself with the foundation because I really don't know much about makeup LMAO. How hot are they?! Tazzy's dress and mine are from the same place, Charlie Brown hehehe ♥

HAHA I love this photo for some reason! My lovely F4 ♥. SO MUCH LOVE!

Will blog more later, in bed at the moment. I just want to chill the fuck out. @_@"

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