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Sorry I haven't been updating much lately. What's up with me: I bought a ridiculously pretty/expensive diary, tried on a grand total of two formal dresses (a full-length black dress is very depressing, people.), and I finished Avatar. Oh and today I moved from my bed to my dining room to my kitchen to my toilet to my computer back to the kitchen and to my bed.

Weight loss is going great.
8th Tuesay: Outing with Annagays
9th Wednesday: Willow + Haircut?
10th Thursday: Sign out day / School to sell textbooks + Bonfire
11th Friday: Formal shopping
12th Saturday/13th Sunday: Should put in some good ol' Willow time (:
14th Monday - 16th Wednesday: Formal Shopping, Q's hotel (:
21st Monday: FORMAL!
22nd Tuesday: FORMAL AFTERS!
29th Tuesday: Iono maybe I'll book my L's or some shit ROFL
1st December: Anyi comes! *celebration*
14 December: Sad day. HSC results come out :(
22 December: Lynn leaves :( ♥
27th December: Amiejays' bday :)
24/5 December: Christmas Eve & Christmas :D. Over to Terry's for lutsuv FUNN! SHIT IS GONNA BE WHACKKK
New Year's Eve: City?, camp out on my roof oh my god haha

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