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Mini Post-HSC Photodiary :)

After Eng Ext 1 (which I seemed to have done miserably in in comparison with everyone else) In Terry's car with Terry's sunnies snapping photos of newly-free me!

Today @ PA, Amiejays and his fluro pink shirt HAHAHA. It was adorable so I was messing around and trying to hug him and he (to no one's surprise) was a douche back. LMAO

Lynn's Chicken Crepe which she didn't enjoy even though Terry liked it :O

New fave meal @ PA! Chicken scallopini with pasta instead of chips :D. Oh and no mushrooms. Haha but Wangays and I said we'd eat clean after HSC (lolnot, for some retarded reason I bought an ice chocolate [I NEVER buy ice chocolates.] and he had Maccas tonight so yeah we're off to a great start. HAHA) and now the only thing I can get at PA is Chicken Caesar salad again~ Oh well! It's still delicious (:

Already up to Book 2 (Earth). I LOVE TOPH OMONA. AND ZUKO IS SO FUCKING HOT LJGAGLJKFGLKJGALJKAGLKJMAKGJSJLGKAKLJGSMLKJAGM. (This is my first swear word all post, I'm trying to hold back. But it was necessary to convey the appropriate degree of passion.)

Much love! ♥

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