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I feel like I haven't updated in years, for some reason. Anyway, I went to finally get The Big Haircut today - cut my layers, dye my hair brown again and blonde tips. Because I am the laziest kind of human sloth, I stayed in bed til about 3 and got to the hairdressers by 4 (Michelle's Hair Story at Hurstville! Been going there for 3 years now dayum.), so by the time I wanted my tips dyed blonde it was closing time. So I'm going back tomolo~



(Also known as Disgusting Ganga Hair That I Never Wanted)

Photo coming soon! HERE IT IS FHEGGITS!

Ok see you soon niggas. IM HUNGRY AS SHIT SOMEONE FEED ME HOLY CRACKERS. (Haha yes, feed me holy crackers please)

Speaking of food, here are some food pics that I haven't uploaded yet. I've been eating at so many places lately but for some reason, I never really can be bothered to take pictures of them anymore. *sigh*

'Gai larn lup darn bark' fried rice (LOL), Chicken Caesar Salad at Third Rock

I have to go organise the limo for my formal now, dear god. It would be great if I knew where to start hahaha. Wish me luck brethrens! ♥

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