23, Sydney AU


My latest goal is to find the perfect pair of light blue denim shorts, and shoes that aren't sandals with a million little straps on them, please. It's proving surprisingly difficult though :((((. Today, I finally got my L plates, finished organising my bank stuff (immediately rushed out to try the ATM. I doubt you have ever hurrah'd harder for a single $20 note before), met up with Q, Jamie, M. Lo (oh he's such a dork too, dawww), went clothes-browsing and bought a deep red top from Bardot, FAILED TO FIND SHORTS AND SHOES (which was what I was looking for wtf?) and returned home with a big bunch of whitening face masks (I lost almost half my stock at Star City [aaahh.. Good memories]).

Picking up my cousin Anyi from the airport tomorrow!!!!!! She's from Perth, stalks my blog from time to time and I'm finally meeting her for the first time! 8D. She's staying in Sydney for ten days and I can't decide whether or not I want it to go quickly!! HAHA look out for a joint post sooner or later ♥ ♥ ♥
Random photos time!

Cute kids :). AND YES LOLOLOL THAT IS LEON TRYING ON QIN'S DRESS HAAAHAHAH Oh god he's in Hong Kong at the moment I hope he doesn't get mad -sus-. How cute is Lynn?

P.S. Dem biceps

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