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Found the most beautiful, elegant, expensive (italicised = bad, in this case..) formal dress today, and the only thing that mars it is the fucking colour of my hair ends. Gonna bun it up at the Korean place. I know it'll turn out good, because I saw some uni girls come into the hairdressers when I was bleaching my hair and they were just getting their hair done for their 'graduation ball', and it looked beautiful! ^_^ Fuark yeah. Anyway, prepare your eyes for some shameless luvoing. ;_;" Oh and I know that the iPhone pictures and the Photobooth pictures make the blonde look complete shades different..

Which is all fine and dandy if you think about it. I'm 17, young, just graduated high school and looking to do something stupid while I sweat my holidays away. But not good if you want to look like a non-ho on your formal. :|

P.S. Staying at hotel for two days with Qbubbi, Lynn, Anna, Belle and Alice from tomorrow, I think. Hope it'll be fun! And that we're not too loud and we don't trash the place. LOL Woops! Nevermind, this didn't happen, my mistake heh

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