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I really, really, really do. Because Amiejays turns into the most adorable, dorky kid, Lynn turns into a comfortably crazy lunatic, and Alice goes from lady to crudely inappropriate. I feel very blessed to have found myself such a lovely, tight-knit group, where all of us can feel SO comfortable around one another. And when adorabubble additions like Kimmy and Sarah and Ginnie come in, it's not uncomfortable at all, but it's warm and welcoming and silly and they fit right in like a glove. ♥

Went yumcha this morning, and unfortunately I didn't see Qinnybubs all day :(. Yumcha'd with Ariss, Handrew, Keshan, Joan and Lynn (I keep calling her Kim in my mind now wtf) and oh my lawd I lurb yumcha so much LOL. I BEEN SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY LATELY FLRJKGALIJK =____=. Immediately after that we had to come back to Hurstville and go meet up with Wangays, Dengays and 'Sunnyscook' (haha) to go see le Willow (: - FINALLY.

After we visited Willow, who was the cutest bubbi ever, Kim (both Kim's ;) LOL), Sarah, Wangays, Amiejays, Kelvin, Denga, Sunny, Terry zoomed off to Cronulla to just chill/eat on the beach and hang out and play with "tiktikgun"'s (ask Lynn the qt) and they did MATHS3 and then I suggested we do something for Willow so we wrote WILLPOWER and I think Amiejays did a star at the end :D. We went back onto land and played on the playground hehehe and it was reeeeally fun and I was happey and I didn't social network, like, once today. I KNOW LIKE WUT DUH HEO.

Anyway dad was being a major, major dickhead just then so now my blogging mood is gone. Bye hunnies! See you soon ♥

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