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LOL, TO THOSE WHO THINK POST-HSC LIFE INVOLVES A LOT OF CHILLING AROUND AT HOME, LET ME TELL YOU NOW: IT DOESN'T. I think I have spent this entire week out doing something with friends and it's not about to let up, I have Amiejays' birthday tomorrow! Really need to get some sleep tonight. Aaahh.. Half of us are hardly home these days, Qin said last night she felt homesick, I feel the same way too, I feel like I'm rarely alone now. XD

Speaking of alone, three kids have already left to go overseas! Leonlads, Alice and Belle have flown off to enjoy hopefully better weather elsewhere and Terry is leaving tomorrow morning and Wangays is leaving the morning after that. (But those two are only leaving for a week so that's okay.) Still, you know? I feel like I've grown so tight with my homies.. I wonder what being apart will do for our friendships, I suppose. Will they be out of sight out of mind, or will absence make the heart grow fonder? I hope it's the latter ^_^. Anyway, here's some photospam for you cause I know you miss my face and shit.

Aren't my friends beautiful?

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