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I wish they would go away. I've been seeing too much of them lately~

1: What is your full name? Jessica Yun
2: Have you ever stolen something, and if yes what was it? Freaking hairties, years and years and years ago LOLOLOL
3: Do you believe in love at first sight? Nah. I mean, I understand mutual attraction, but I'm one of those tiresome people who thinks that love is something that has to grow. It doesn't just come fully-formed!
4: Type the first complete paragraph on page 74 of the nearest book to you.
"After that they didn't have much chance to talk. Their earmuffs were back on and they needed to concentrate on Mandrakes. Professor sprout had made it look extremely easy, but it wasn't. The mandrakes didn't like coming out of the earth, but didn't seem to want to go back into it either. They squirmed, kicked, flailed their sharp little fists and gnashed their teeth; Harry spent ten whole minutes trying to squash a particularly fat one into a pot." (This wasn't the closest book, but it was just one I grabbed off my little bookcase shelf thing next to my bed (:
5: What can you smell right now? Err.. Just.. My room ?___?"" It has that stuffy smell when the door hasn't been opened in a while XD heh
6: Post a picture of your current workspace. Haha good joke
7: Which is your favourite fanfic and why? HMMMMMMMMM.. *hunts* okay, this one is always really cute! :)
8: write a short poem about the person you are currently in love with. (You do not need to mention who they are.)
Okay I'm not in love with him but I'll write a haiku BAHAHAHA

Don't see you often
But you're on my mind somehow
Hurry up and text me

I am a poetic genius holy crap. (Oh my god please never ever ever ever read my blog)

9: Do you keep a scrapbook? If yes, what do you put in it? Yeah, I have one! And I used to paste stuff like every movie ticket I went to and stuff but I haven't touched it in a while~
10: Reply to this with 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' in your own handwriting. Oh my goodness I'd LOVE to do this, how awesome
11: Which city or town were you born in? Sydney, Kogarah!
12: How long can you hold your breath for? Cbf finding out LOL
13: Press ctrl + V in the reply box and publish your answer. (Let's see what you last copied.) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3268063/1/ HAHAHA. The link for the fanfic like a fgt. Also, it's Command + V on my Mac ;)
14: What can you currently hear? Mewjic, listening to the radio heh, Mario ft. Fabolous: The Walls. Oh it just ended.
15: What is the colour of your shirt? Haha pink ;_;" It's this japanese sleeping gown thing
16: What colour are your socks today? Not wearing any at the moment but they'll probably be grey or brack :)
17: If you could have any type of hair and hairdo you wished for, how would you choose to have your hair? Long, brown, silky and undead, with platinum-blonde tips pliz. Gonna get this soon hopefully
18: What is the worst thing that's been shown at the West End or Broadway in your lifetime? Uhhhhhh no
19: What are your OTPs? What
20: Which popular ships do you disagree with? Hm, dunno
21: Have you ever written fanfiction? YES HAHA I SUCK! LOL This was when I was like.. 13 or 14 and incredibubbly bored/stupid
22: List all of the celebrities you have met personally. I DON'T THINK I'VE MET ANY!! LOL
23: Unpopular opinion? I like baby pink HAHAHA
24: What time is it and where are you? In my bed!, 12:04 PM
25: Look at your iPod. What is the name of the last song you listened to? Which band/artist is it by? *yawn* I'm listening to the radio niggah
26: What was the last thing you texted someone? "Okay, fanks heaps!"
27: What was the last thing someone texted you? "Yep texted him. Visiting hours are the same"
28: Draw a unicorn being ridden by one of your OTPs and reply with your drawing. Wtf
29: What is the name of the last country you took an aeroplane to? China
30: Have you ever punched someone? If yes, who and why? Yes, fucking everyone, legit no reason / how I show affection
31: Have you ever resorted to self-harm? No!!! I hate that shit.
32: Who is your most favourite author? Haven't read enough books to know yet! (:
33: Which childhood television program do you miss the most? SATURDAY DISNEY IN GENERAL WAS FUCKING BEAST. OMG THAT SHIET WAS AWESOME
34: What is usually the first thing to pass your lips in the morning? Water?
35: What was the last thing you watched on television and how long ago was it? NCIS:LA was on tv last night on account of Chinese TV not working cause of the weather XD
36: What is your claim to fame? My old-ass Asians in the Library video featuring Colin Huang got like 26 000+ views.. Cause of the dumb UCLA chick. Other than that, nothing.
37: How far have you ever gone with the opposite sex? Dude I seriously wonder how many people answer this question
38: How far have you ever gone with the same sex? Lolololol like.. Kiss on the lips or some shit.. Although sometimes people seem to find it some sort of game to grab/nudge my boob
39: Do you believe in the theory of Evolution? Yeah, of course, it makes a lot of sense!
40: Shut your eyes for a minute. Describe clearly what you saw. ..Black..
41: Are you currently in love? No brah
42: How many bones have you broken in your body before? Just my teeth if that even counts ?_?
45: What do you consider the comfiest comfort food of all? Junk food, dumprings, PA ♥
46: What song do you listen to when you are feeling glum? Bieber? LOL idk HAHAHA
47: What song do you listen to when you're feeling 'psyched'? I let my friends blast dubstep. Whatever, actually.
48: What are your five most favourite television programs (in no particular order)? I don't watch a lot of TV, but I like Modern Family, and if it's still considered a TV show (they show it on Nickelodeon apparently), AVATARRRRRR OBVIOUSLYYY
49: Who are your greatest Tumblr friends? LOL orite m8 (the reason there are so many questions involving Tumblr is cause I ripped it off tumblr heh
50: How high is your bed from your bedroom floor? 1/3 up my thigh but I'm shirt as hell, so go figure
51: Do you have any posters on your bedroom Walls? If yes, what are they of? I have a lot of photos and the back of a Frankie calendar :)
52: Are you a grammar nazi? =___= Lately I've been correcting people's grammar in my mind =______= Oh my god it is some sort of sick disease. For example, there were two mistakes in the next question. Yes, I fixed them.
53: What was the loveliest anonymous message you have ever received? Can you remember what it said? If yes, type it up in your reply. I have a lot of lovely stuff on my formspring ^_^" Cbf searching for them though heh
54: do you have any cuddly toys on your bed? If yes, what are they? My dad threw them. Fuck my life. Hate him for it, cause I had 2 massive ones that was a one-month present and another that was a birthday present (I think Qin named it Penis).
55: What annual event do you celebrate the most? And, briefly, how do you celebrate it? Birthdays, I suppose? And, you know, going out to eat and shit. LOL #boringanswers
56: What is your father's profession? Hmm this is another pretty personal question, but he's the boss of a ..chicken wholesaler?? I don't know how to say it
57: What colour are the walls in the room you are currently in? Cream white?
58: Have you ever been to the Olympics? If yes, state the city and the year. If no, why not? No, cause I'm not bothered and the one in Sydney was when I was six so yeah didn't really know/care. LOL
59: What is the weather like right now and what is the temperature outside? It looks humid at the moment.. Greyish white skies and the temperature isssss.. 29 degrees trollololol.
60: Describe one of your cousins. (If you have any) Anyi is pretty much my physical opposite HAHA!! Tall, skinny, gorgeous, monolid, undyed hair, good teef, and LOVELY AS HEAVEN ♥. CAUSE, YOU KNOW, HELL PROBABLY ISN'T VERY LOVELY
61: Have you ever lied about your name? If yes, which name did you use instead of your own? HAHAH This reminds me of how Q always uses Amiejay's name when they're getting drinks because they always spell Qin wrong XD
62: What is the worst thing you have ever done to a friend? Dunno D:
63: What did you have for lunch today? HAVEN'T EATEN IT YETTTTTTTT. MMM CAN'T WAIT TO NOM
64: Describe your least favourite teacher. Tall. Annoying. Teaches maths. We have a mutual relationship of dislike
65: What object is to your immediate right? Pillow/bed head
66: How often do you ride a bicycle? Never?
67: Do you excercise? If yes, how? Gym, treadmill LOL
68: Concentrate. What can you currently taste in your mouth? Saliva?
69: Did you giggle childishly at this number because of undapper thoughts? No LOL
70: Are you double-jointed? Apparently there's no such thing mutha fuckaaaaa

Wow, made this post after I woke up and now I'm back in bed about to go to sleep soon. Today was fun!! Went to Brighton for lunchskiez, went to visit Willow ^_______^ (he can move his left arm and leg now, and walk, with assistance. HAPPY POINTS +10000), went back to Brighton to eat dinnerskiez (omg, had chicken pesto twice today) and then bought sparklers to go to a gorgeous spot at La Perouse (also a suicide hot spot. Lovely) and climb rocks and shit that girls do all the time whilst wearing dresses.

Twas lovely ♥ And I'm super excited to see everyone tomorrow - it's Sign Out day!! WOOOO IT'SGONNABEGREAT 8D.

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