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Okay, I'm trying to backtrack, because my schedule lately has been so ridiculously hectic that I have pretty much stopped social networking (other than Facebook. Always Facebook. Haha) completely :|. I KNOW.. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FINALLY GET A LIFE WTF.

Sunday: Chilled at home cause it was the night before formal.
Tuesday: Still formal night. @StarCity hotel chillin', literally.. We did nothing half the day, until the boys came over and hung out with us until we caught a cab to Pancakes at the Rocks. So glad Sunny and Ricky came halfway through but both of them didn't stay the night I think =(. Doesn't matter, because we had a motherfucking epic time .. wait for it.. *drumroll* putting masks on the boys. Oh, my, god. One of my favourite memories of the guys, seriously. Shout out to Wangays, Tezza and Amiejays for being the brave kids who did it ♥ (Their skin DID legitimately look better and brighter afterwards, and there was half my mask collection gone HAHAHA. It was all worth it though.)
Wednesday: Go home, except I come back out to visit Willow with Q and Amjyz.
Thursday: Bowling (I actually won a game - i.e. everyone else sucked a lot haha) + Paranormal Activities 3 with the 2 Kim's, Terry, Viv, Sunnybubz and Wangays. Twas cloudy weather. Booo~ Oh!! But I had an impromptu sleepover at my place which was funzies hahaha
Friday: Only ate one meal for the entire day (but I kept the 2 kilos I lost for formal off, so that was ..okay ?_?). Did some vague random crap here, including going back to Terry's so Sunny could help him carry the fridge outside (real men? hahaha) and I'm fairly sure I went home and fell the fuck sleep.
Saturday: Visited Willow during the day & Amiejays' bday at night, which was fucking good, but TERRYBERRYFERRYMERRY (etc etc) wasn't there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cry!!!!! I really understand how one person can make so much difference now, I mean I always knew, but it really wasn't the same without him. Still had a blast though. ALWAYS DOOOO.
Sunday: Okay well it's only 2 hours and 58 minutes to this day so far but Wangays is gonna fly off to Brizzy as well in like, five hours wah, ebery bootay is leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA COME BACK KIDZ.

So many photos. Too tired to upload. I just wanted to at least write this down so I wouldn't forget what I did because I never want to forget.

P.S. My newest concentration of love: OctoOrgy ♥
P.P.S. Oh - and a very Happy Birthday to you, Jamie. I adore you! U NO U LUV MA SPONTANEOUS HUGS MK. Mwa!

(I look great)

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