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Today, my father woke me up early (i.e. 10 44am - it's the holidays. It's early) to print blueprints off for him, I Avatar'd til Terry came to pick me up to gym with him, Q (!) and Wangays, ate Nandos very quickly (I WAS STARVING AS SHIET), went to see Willow, ate dinner at that Thai place adjacent to Kogarah Library and cartips'd. ^_^

Apparently people steal food from the communal fridge at St George hospital so I full wrote "WILLIAM LO'S CAKE" (Kim was leaving the hospital as we got there [late], she brought the cake!, what a sweetie!) over the box and put it in the fridge and if ANYONE FUCKING TAKES IT, IMMA BE ANGRY AS FUCK!!!! CAUSE I BROUGHT CHOCOLATE FOR WILLOW LAST TIME AND SOMEONE STOLE IT =__________________________=. So yeah HAHA. DON'T STEAL HIS CAKE!!!!!

*ahem*. Anyway!! Avatar is getting super intense (Sparky Sparky Boom Man is in the picture now) and I seem to be magnetically drawn towards my laptop these days :3. Hehe! I will see you all soon, and I'm chillin with Lynnster tomorrow so hopefully I will snap some pretty shots! Mwa! *shoulder kiss* (ever since Shelley did it to me I've been addicted to giving them :), they're cute, imo heheh)
P.S. If anyone wants to understand why I like Avatar / proof of my sadcuntiness, look no further than this formspring question. Your eyes may or may not bleed from the wall of text you are about to receive but I promise you they're valid reasons. I ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION THAT I LOVE KUNG FU GLJAGHGJKLHILGJK HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO WRITE THAT

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