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And he was very tired, and couldn't say much. We read out some of the Facebook messages out to him and chucked jokes to make him smile, but most of it was spent in silence, holding his hand - I don't think he could feel it - and trying to commit the features of his face into my memory. I miss him already, walking away was the hardest part :(. ♥

I'm glad people are going to visit him tomorrow, that's really lovely, he's going to be ridiculously happy. Stay fighting Willow!

P.S. After dinner, we stopped by John Olivs place to tell him that Willow'd had a stroke. It almost sounded like we were trolling - "Um, can you please ask John Oliver to come down? We need to talk to him, it's really important." But he came down and we told him the news. I have hardly done any work in the last 48 hours that I might pull a Sunny and chuck an all-nighter (he has Business though).

Mirin the spirit of his parents right now. They're so positive and so cheerful, telling us the funny things Willow said earlier and things like that.

#WILLpower! If you're reading this and you have Willow on facebook, keep writing him messages, because his brother will most likely read them out to him, and he really just needs to hear happy words. Yeah? Much love. :)

You are brilliant.

If there has been anything I've learnt in these whirlwinded days, it's to treasure every single fucking one of your friends absolutely every goddamn opportunity life has to offer you. Don't hold the fuck back. I used to be so convinced, when I would hear stories of "oh so-and-so's friend had to go to hospital" etc, that that would never happen to me, nor one of my friends. It would always be very distinctly separate from me. All my friends are so healthy, and we are so normal. What could happen?

Willow is one of the healthiest boys I know, and his case happens in about 2 or 3 people in hundreds of thousands. It is absolutely random. No one is exempt.. I guess it really teaches you how fragile your life is. How quickly your world can turn upside down. I STILL can't believe this is happening.

Be safe. ♥

^ We have quasi plans of making that into a shirt. © me for designing it + coming up with the phrase hahaha..

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