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We are defined by what we are not. For example, I'm not a boy; I'm not legally an adult yet; I haven't yet seen Star Wars or Lord of the Rings; I don't have one earring as I lost it at F2F and I've just been alternating it since, so it doesn't close up or something annoying like that. And then there are things like I'm not skinny, I'm not totally well health-wise (I'm a little sick), I don't get good grades, I'm not an only child, yet at the same time I'm not NOT an only child, I'm not in love, and I'm not unhappy, but that doesn't make me ecstatic either, I'm just nice and mellow right now :). And the fact that these are all subject to change. I could easily fall in love in a few months, I could get depressed, I could lose a shitload of weight and study like fuck and I'd be skinny AND get good grades AND be in love AND ..be depressed?!?!!? LOL, midnight ramblings haha. (Kay it's 2:06AM, I'd say a little loopier than midnight [which is positively early for a HSC student]).

Isn't life interesting XD. Goodnight motherfuckers! LOL Thankyou for reading my blog. ^_^

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