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Read this article and watch the video on this page and then read "Reasons why 18 people walked past a severely injured toddler and did nothing" by kapookababy.com

The utterly blatant lack of care, compassion or indeed even natural human curiosity - to see a lone child lying on the floor in foetal position AND THEN WALK AWAY - baffles me. The bafflement overwhelms me entirely, and I don't even know where to look. How to even react appropriately for this kind of surreal tragedy.

It is exactly due to these chilling, morbid incidents that I feel so intensely ashamed for being a part of the culture that I, at times, so unwillingly belong to. This fatal accident is a prime example of how, every day, humans make default choices - that is, the choice to do or choose nothing at all - that can, itself, constitute as a moral crime.

"Some passers-by, including pedestrians, cyclists and even a mother, even altered their course to avoid the stricken toddler, who lies there helpless bleeding to death. ... The plight of the child came to symbolise what many Chinese saw as a decay in public morals after decades of headlong pursuit of economic growth. ... Her death touched off another round of hand-wringing. Many comments posted to social media sites said "we are all passers-by"." Source
It is no wonder, China, that I never have ANYTHING nice to say about you whenever I visit. I want to feel proud of my cultural heritage, yet HOW CAN I? What have you done for it's people, it's civilians? How DARE you spend millions of needless dollars on pretentious welcoming ceremonies in the Olympic Games when you have people commonly littered, homeless and helpless, on the streets? People who need your help? Moreover, you have inadvertently aided in numbing the rest of the Chinese people in ignoring this decay, called into attention only when it has transgressed all humanity entirely. For some Chinese people used to seeing these sights on a daily basis, these things are no longer outrageous. To China and its government.. Who are you trying to kid? What have you done? More importantly: What will you do to fix this? Will you do anything at all?

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23.10.11 with 7 comments
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