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EXAMS FROM 18 — 31st of October. SEE Y'ALL SOON ♥
Prob still be blogging a bit if I have like a massive 4 day break like before maths haha

6:36 PM Just went to see Willow!! :D. It was actually really really good, Sunny and I just talked to him and with each other and there was much joking around and it was just really nice. I'm so glad that there were REALLY nice nurses in today, they let me put the WILLPOWER posterthingy up!!!!! They stuck it with some form of hospital stickytape haha and it's right above him and at first he said he couldn't read it but a little later he said he could read it :D:D:D:D. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Anyways, when his right hand was clutching at his hair I touched his fingers and held his hand. ♥ And because I'm a super sneaky kid, I got a photo ...

Here's to everyone who hasn't gone to seen him yet! Apparently some of Willow's cousins who are overseas or something have read my blog posts about him so I'll definitely keep this space updated :):).

It was really, really really good seeing Willow. Stayed there for I think more than an hour, but I SWEAR it seemed like only 30 mins. Far out. The only thing that can rival that sort of accelerated time passing is the way that time seems to fly in English exams.. Wtf = O =". Speaking of Engrish, I really needa go study! Here's to the kids who have their exams tomorrow! MWA, much love!! ♥

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