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My good friend William suffered a stroke today.. Get better soon. Like, really really really soon. We love you so much ♥

@1:13AM, Thursday 13 October What a bloody ridiculous day I have had. The very first time my non-studying has been beneficial in any way - I was on Facebook when Ernest, Will's older brother, sent me that message to check out Willow's wall, where he (Ernest) had written that Willow had a stroke earlier that day. Immediately, I just phone Qin on instinct, who just flkghiolajhkg's about it with me for a bit before calling Amiejays and Sunny, and thank god for them because Jamie took off immediately from his dinner @ Kogarah and almost died himself on the way to get to Sutho Hospital or something where he argues his way for ten minutes to get let into the building before having to get the receptionist to find out where Willow was. I, however, am at home, and I think Keshan/Phil found out that he was in RPA - a hospital I never knew existed, but apparently it's one of the biggest in Sydney/NSW?, Royal Prince Alfred - and so I call them up and find out that Willow's in the Green ICU ward.

I find out ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit.

So, here, our biggest problem is to grab the contact details of the parents, because we're gonna have no idea wtf to do once we get there; naturally, we were going to go see if he was okay, even though - ESPECIALLY - as it was like, 10 30 at night haha. So begins our wild search for it, from asking Alice, to asking Nathan Ho - all while Amiejays picks me up, Sunny picks Q up and we meet at the rooftop at Hurstville Station and while we're zooming off to RPA. Thank goodness I was sitting next to Amiejays.. Idiot was probably driving by a lunatic on his way to Sutho.. Apparently he got there in 8 minutes from Kog =_=" Wtf!

Anyways, we arrive @ RPA & we're STILL trying to find the details of Willow's parents. Alice and Nho both have Will's grandma's number but we're reluctant to wake her up at midnight - and after some other aimless attempts we finally get hold of Ernest's number and I text him, telling him that the seven of us (for your sake, I'll name them: Qin, Sunny, me, Jamie, Phil and Keshan, and Denga turned up too) were outside and if he could let us know ANYTHING at all that'd be great. Don't forget that we're ridiculously in the dark right now and all we wanted was some information, please oh please oh please oh goodness (and I had like three other people telling me to keep them updated too. Thank god for blogs, eh?).

Just as I started anticipating us waiting til 2AM or something, my Korean ringtone goes off and the instant I see Willow's face on my screen - I don't even - whatever. Ernest tells me that he's walking out of the hospital now and a few minutes later we rush to meet them..

And the rest is history. They thank us for coming, we tell them that it was no problem, of course. William's mother - whose very face causes me to tear up almost instantly because there was just so much Willow in it - tells us that he's sleeping at the moment and that he's okay. He's in a critical condition but he's stable; the left side of his body is somewhat immobilised; what Willow said to her was "Well, Mum, I can't do the HSC anymore"; there is a large blood clot in his brain which is still there; he will have to be in hospital for at least a month, and quite possibly a few months to recover. Because he is young, though, he has a good chance of making a full recovery, and that right now he needs a lot of encouragement and positivity (which is almost overflowing on his Facebook Wall) and we're ALL confident he'll be fine. Most importantly, however - we still don't know what'd happened, why it'd happen. Apparently it's an extremely rare condition for a boy his age.. Argh.

The soonest we can visit him is Saturday or Sunday, and I never thought I'd be so ridiculously keen to see anyone. I just want to see his smile, hold his hand. Dargh. What was pleasant most of all was the ride back home - the spirit in the car was so much different to that of when we drove there, that nervous, simmering energy.. Music was off, sitting there ramrod straight, staring right ahead or at the GPS. Calming Amiejays down.

Ah.. Love you bruvs. We all do. ♥

Hehe I tease him about how his hair reminds me of a skunk :')

(He is, indeed, holding my handbag *snicker*. What can I say, it looks good on everyone)

(What a sexy man)

Update Okay, latest news I've heard is that the hospital won't be taking any visitors until Willow gets out of ICU, as they want to avoid the excitement and brain over-stimulation and whatnot. I think I'll be updating this whenever I find out more info as it's an easy way for everyone to know what's going on. But his case is definitely a rare one - Willow was one of the fittest people I know, and strokes tend to happen to elderly people, or smokers or drug-takers. So we're confident that he'll have a speedy, full recovery because of his already-high fitness ♥ Hoping for the best!! :) Love ♥

Update Just some trivia: So Alice's mum was talking to Nathan's mum last night on the phone, and Nathan's mum used to be a nurse in ICU so she knows her stuff. Apparently she was sobbing, because 90% of people don't even make it - so Willow is lucky to even be alive, really.

Freaking ridiculous. The comment below is definitely right: Inshallah - In God's Hands. Much love x

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