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^ Lyric up there is from Diddy's Your Love. Too bad the lyrics are so dirty I can't post the line after that ;_;.

Today I hung out with half of the SAC kids to structure our responses :) Even though it was a relatively short time, it was still pretty productive!

Ohai, can I haz babes please ^.^

I have to admit.. There is definitely an excess of food photos on my blog lately, but WHATEVER, I AINT EVEN MAD! Food is so beautiful, it definitely needs to be appreciated. (Lol unless you go to Maddies cafe in Westfield for some fucked up reason. Their food is actually lolworthy. Of course, I wasn't loling when I had to spend near $19 of spagbol I didn't even eat half of. I don't even think I ate a good quarter of it. Everything was shit about it - presentation, taste - even the type of noodle they used were disgusting.)

Anyway, I ended up going (back) to the library at 7pm (did a lot of random aimless stupid shit today including attempting waiting for Terry to finish tutor .. WHY - WHY DID I EVEN CONSIDER DOING THAT WTF?) We went to eat Kagaya and of course I had to take photos of the food (everyone is getting annoyed [with good reason]).

Philli's Sashimi Boat

Terryaki chicken AAAAHAAA GET IT.. I had a good chuckle to myself when I thought of that =__=. And the massive beast tempura dish he thought he'd get as well. LMAO

Dengay's Teppanyaki Udon. Good choice :)

My green tea noodles and tempura that comes with it. So, funny story, because I had eaten a bit at home beforehand, I knew I was going to end up takeawaying something that night when I went to eat with d4 b01z (lulz). And it's just my luck that the waiters and waitresses at Kagaya don't do half the shit I fucking ask for - how difficult can getting me ice water be?? So I seemed extra annoying that night because I had to keep 'bugging' them for the thing I had ALREADY asked for straight off in the beginning. I didn't want to keep d4 b01z too long, right, so I asked to get the icecream as takeaway.. Everyone was confused as to why I would do that but, I mean, I didn't think it was a big deal :(. Turns out that the fucking waitress - the one who had the ANNOYING Chinese accent - thought I was weird too, so Terry said to just eat it there. Anyway, the red bean icecream turned out to be really yummy and worth the price (failed to take a photo of it, oh well) and then after we were done with it I still had heaps of my noodle left, so I obviously asked to takeaway it.

And the fucking rude sonofabitch waitress gives me a MASSIVE look and goes "takeaway DIIISSSS??" and I just looked at her and said "What's wrong with that?"

AND SHE JUST SAYS "takeaway DIIISSS?!" again. I don't blame her, I bet her vocabulary was limited anyway. And I'm just like ".....fine, whatever" and she walks off with this LOOK on her face that just made me glare at her until she disappeared from my fucking sight.

I have never ever ever EVER encountered a rude fucking waitress like that. First of all, I am the customer, and just because I'm younger than you doesn't excuse the fact that for RIGHT NOW, you are WORKING for ME, you are SERVING ME (this applies for every other customer too obv). Not only that, but she DARES to give me a RUDE expression and CONTEMPTFULLY QUESTION my choice. To takeaway food. Oh wow!! There's a shocker!! What an unusual question to ask in a RESTAURANT!

Seriously dumb bitch I will punch you in the face. I am so sick of Asian fucking cultures, especially the staff at Asian restaurants who actually dare look like they do not want to be there. On the one hand, if your boss is treating you terribly, yes you have an excuse - you're not happy working there. But their manager or boss(ette?) or whatever is so lovely, I can't see her treating her employees terribly.. Anyway. If I'm going to eat at a restaurant I'm not PAYING for people to stomp the fuck around with grumpy expressions and ask me ridiculously irrational questions. If I'm eating somewhere, I trust that they will have enough self respect for themselves and the business they work for to do the best job they can. Even if we take this entirely materialistically, their objective is to make money, yes? The fuck you gonna make money if you don't consider every single aspect of your BUSINESS? Who is going to WANT to come back and eat your food (unless your prices are very low, in which case you won't make much money anyway)?

You can't call me racist if it's towards my own culture (can you? Haha), but I find that this problem really resides with Asian diners. The reason I ALWAYS look forward to going to PA - yes, they're Caucasian - is because I know I can trust they deliver good food every time, that their service is impeccable, that I'll have a great time there. Even the decor pleases me. Every single element - ESPECIALLY when it comes to eating, because dining, I feel, is such a social event now - counts. I even remember casually talking to my dad about it - the Asian mindframe, when they do a job, seems to be 'if it's done, then good enough'. But Western/European/any other culture, really, is ridiculously different - not only will they do a good job, but they will pursue excellence with what they do. This is why I've recently become obsessed with anything Greek - everything about it seems beautiful to me! Their food, the country itself, the people (hello, George [don't let him see this {I am actually screwed - loljk, he knows I froth over his eyes on a regular basis}]), the way they raise their children. To expect excellence as opposed to MARKS. Now that I'm older, I really wish my father had more of a hand in raising me in my childhood; it was mostly mum, and mum let me do anything I wanted. I see how this has really poisoned my character now.. I am every bit a spoilt, childish brat, and hypocritical too, by the looks of this post.

(Yeah, this is the result of getting tutored by John X watching too much Gordon Ramsey XD)

Mm, tell me your thoughts. I hope you guys don't feel I'm going overboard with this but it really puts me off entirely when people don't really think about what they're really representing when they're at work. Just respect down in general, know what I mean?

Hope you guys had a great day! STUDY HARD. I know I need to X_X
/edit K so my babe Ayu has something to say also.
So I just read your blog post, and just wanted to say... THAT LADY AT KAGAYA OMG. She is actually the worst waitress in the world. Once, me and someone else (I can't remember who) ordered something there and she was like, "how about you take the (insert completely different thing here) instead?" "uh...why?" "someone ordered it and cancelled but we already made it" Um... how about we pay you to cook us what we ask for? Seriously, I'm surprised she still works there. The boss came up to apologise on her behalf. She didn't even suggest it nicely.

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