23, Sydney AU


So here's to friends, and to renovations at Darling Harbour; to good food, to generous hearts, to clouds that part to reveal the prettiest sky, to Pancakes at the Rocks, to learning that the small things don't matter, and to Sarah Smith, our self-dubbed token white kid hehehehe. ♥

Damo's 18th Dinner last night hehe ^____^ If you noticed Neel is blinking, yes, the upload of this photo is deliberate.

Being cute kients with Kimmy and Sarah ♥. MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SO CUTE. WTF. Also, Yangyang turned up at UTS too!! But about half an hour later.. We had to go :((((((((((((((( I HOPE SHE GOT A LOT DONE ANYWAY! SORRY YANG, YOU'RE GORGEOUS! ♥

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