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I am tired for no reason! Okay no that's not true, only got 4 hours of sleep last night but that was because I had had a nap a few hours before going to bed again. Anyways, went to UTS today again with Qindawgs, Terry, Wangays, Amiejays & Damo, and some old Techies were there too.. ..Yeah so basically got trolled by Kaan in a silent library but at least he embarrassed himself so that was okay. (LOL)

Spent the rest of the time frowning at my Biology textbook, writing notes mechanically and frothing with Wangays (well I was the only one doing the frothing, but that's okay) and for the second time in two goddamn days we stopped at Harry's Hotdogs again.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, THOUGH, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO MY GORGEOUS LYNN-JEE KIM! I love you fuh evuh! Although I spend more time with Qin than with Lynn, there is something unconditional and easy about our friendship. I have the ability to make her crumble into giggly pieces and she has some sort of God-given talent in making me believe in myself when I don't. :) I adore you, you deserve the best of everything ♥

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