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Hey guys~ How are you today? Studying hard? :) Well, Sunnyhoney and I wanted to see Willow for just half an hour before returning to study.. ..But it turns out that the doctors are not allowing any more visitors, other than direct family, to see him for about two weeks :( :( :(. This is due to the fact that they want to minimise brain stimulation as much as possible as it could be harmful to him - he needs his rest, which is reasonable, of course. Whatever it takes to make him better. I really hope that he'll be okay.. I feel like we all need Willow so much and he needs us so much and oh my god it'll suck having to be apart. D: I can't WAIT to see him after my very last exam on the 31st, it'll be like seeing him again for the first time or something. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope he'll be a lot more energetic by then > <"

Please, Lord, lend him some of your strength. Make sure the nurses take care of him ♥

I'm off to read more about Romulus and such~ Laterz! x

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