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Okay, what the shit is happening.. It's like, all of a sudden when I WANT to study, the sky gets dark so much faster than usual.


Anyway, went to UTS Library again today, and thank fuck I didn't wake with a headache cause I could feel one coming up last night (but I took some panadol before I slept. And I couldn't fall asleep either for some reason..). For the first time, ever, I didn't waste copious amounts of time doing nothing at all - I actually did work, but despite this, it STILL felt like I didn't do very much. I am getting ridiculously alarmed now - there are only 7/8 days left. Until my first english exam. Which I have not really prepared for.

..Lol yay

But I have food posts for you all so don't despair :) Food seems to be all I'm blogging about lately.. You should know, in any case, I'm not doing anything other than studying, eating and sleeping, and the only interesting thing about that is any of the food I eat if I do eat out (which is pretty often o.o").

Today for lunch we went to this Japanese place I'd always wanted to try ^.^ The only problem I had with it was how LOW the seats were.. Felt even more of a midget than usual when I ate =__=" Anyway, considering my last post about the importance of the overall dining experience, it was quite uncomfortable, but the good service, good food and lovely(!!) decor made up for it ^_^ (Also, I have to admit the food came a little too fast.. Like, bro are you prepreparing my shit?! [probz.])

Breakfast, hahaha XD

Why do I feel like I learnt what 'takeru' meant some point in my relatively short lifetime? o.o"

Left 'No. 1 Pizza', the Japanese Style Pizza with Rice Cake and Chicken O_o. Thought I'd give it a go, and since it was a pizza I shared it, but it turned out to be fucking tiny wtf. Anyway, yeah, the rice cake kinda threw me off, so not getting that again. LOL
Right Uuuuhhhh Teriyaki Beef Bento Set?

Left Qin's Karaage Chicken (trust)
Right I think that's Takoyaki. I hate when my photos are blurry :'((

I think this is the Karaage Chicken Bento Set :)

Left Creamy Croquette ♥!! Miss this from Sushi Train so much omona!
Right (Oh look Wangays just signed in ♥ MUAH lub dat boi) This is also something I had an issue with (as well as the girl who was sitting to our right and talking about her 'whipped' boyfriend. Ugh shut up break up with him then goddamit [I think she did].) There is some sort of Food God after all - the ULTIMATE favourite thing about this place was that they have HALF MEALS! Now this place knows how to do business :D. Usually, I hate having to choose between entrees and big meals, because entrees never fill me up and I can never finish a big meal @_@. So they had Half Meals and I was like jumping for joy because it meant I could spend a good $6.10 on a Salmon Creamy Pasta and finish it and be satisfied. (Turns out I had to give away a good portion, and lucky it got eaten since we are Asians and hate wasting food LOL!) The only thing that annoyed me was that the presentation was fucking gross. It was literally like someone had physically grabbed a chunk of pasta from a huge tub and thrown it on the plate as a recreational sport and decided to let me eat it. Also, there were a grand total of two small chunks of Salmon on it, which I was, of course, extremely impressed by. Lolnot. (They did have broccoli and I generously gave some to Qin because of her general distaste of [Western?] vegetables haha! I feel like some sort of proud mother when she eats her vegies ='D.)

Look! Look look look they had Fried Green Tea Icecream!! Wonderful!!!!! ♥ Terry and I both got some each and Q and I shared ours ^_^ AND YES, THAT IS INDEED POCKY! AND CORNFLAKES!!!!!!! THEY DEFINITELY DON'T SKIMP ON DESSERT, DO THEY!? HAHAHAHA I WANT TO TAKE ALICE ON A DATE HERE ♥ (Why is it that I seem to be in a relationship with every single one of my friends?)

As Mr. Donley would say, "Margaret, you silly goose!" One of the few jokes I actually enjoyed from Mr D (hey I just bein honest).

Being a mad stalker. Jk, this was pretty much my view at the lib :) My body was subconsciously facing the window so desperately my back hurt from facing my table side-on. Wtf pretty sure that didn't make sense.

The weather is lovely, albeit a little cold, but I prefer the cold over the heat any day. It's funny, though, even though I experienced the worst Sydney summer EVER last year, I'm looking forward to this year's Summer. I NEVER look forward to summer!! I even want summer cork wedges!! And summer dresses!!

Who am I!?

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