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We can go nowhere but Up

Hah, suspicious song title that appears to carry more meaning than it really does (I assure you it's just stuck in my head..). Anyway, I got challenged (not really, it was more of a casual suggestion) by him to lose 500 calories on the treadmill in two chunks .. AND I DID. Holy fuck me I'm so surprised I can still walk wtf.

Texting Tom in the car to gym..
Me: *gets text and laughs*
Terry: Who you texting?
Me: Tom bahaha *tells Terry & Wangays the random shit Tom says*
Terry: Haha, do the white guys like you?
Me: Nah, I'm sort of like their little Asian toy
All of us: ..|:
Me: That came out wrong. You know what I mean

Waiting with him at his bus stop for his bus to arrive (nah bro we were waiting for his horse and carriage to come). I SENT THE ONE ON THE RIGHT TO LYNN FOR HER TO FROTH BAHAHAHA ♥ Wangays is such a cutie! Don't know why he doesn't like these pics wtf!!

Pics from random photo day/karaoke day. The last pic there is to show how fooking short I am, Jamie uses my head as an armrest.. #foreverlookingupatpeople

Sunset shot from the same day Willow was trying to climb the tree :P.

I love my friends. I can't wait for tomorrow ;D. ♥

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