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FUCK YEAH TRANNY TUESDAY LOL ♥ Jamie wanted to get stockings in the morning so we missed the first hour of first period harh. ^_^" I also had to get some photos done, but check out the stockings .. (It was too bad he didn't get suspenders.) Hover over for caption guyth :)

Kayyy I should take some time here to pause and tell you guyth about the fuckery that I got myself in LOL. So at the BBQ and everything me, Tom, George and Steph Grant I think were chilling and I told Tom that the kissmark Julio gave him had to be freshened, since, you know, IT WAS FADING RIGHT?! AND ARGH I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT BECAUSE TOM WAS LIKE "NOW YOU'RE JUST BEING A TEASE" AND GEORGE WAS ALL "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT AND NOT KISS HIM NOW" AND I WAS LIKE NNNNOOOO I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT THEN HANNAH CAME AND THEY HAD TO EXPLAIN IT TO HER AND THEY MADE IT SOUND SO SUGGESTIVE AND I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER ANYMORE LOL.

And oh my god the guys are so disturbing in dresses fuck my life. DON'T EVEN WANT TO THINK OF THE PIC WANGAYS TOOK OF TOM'S FUCKING ASS (!!!!!!!!) AND SEND IT TO JEREMY DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH (who was already being suggestive because he texted me 'waddup' when I was going to Bras & Things with Amiejays ugh. PERFECT LOL. My life is seriously just made up of bored males sexually harassing me for the lulz. [It's okay, they actually like me so I don't mind that much]) BUT ANYWAYS. Glad my Asian friends are sane. LOL (?_?")

ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE! Because Muckup Day was sort of fucked over by the teachers who went and removed all the gladrap Amiejays (&co?) did before anyone could see/appreciate it, I think someone went and gladwrapped Rodney's car bahahah! ERPIC XD. Thank fuck for iPhones, whipped that shit out and took a pic (I knew my DSLR would run out of batts :'( eih).

And for the finale : GIRL JESS & BOY JESS!

I can't believe I've missed this for six whole years!! Fuark!! BOY CLOTHES ARE SO COMFY - and the guys think the skirts are so breezy LOL!! We should just swap forever. |: ..OH WAIT A MINUTE HARH NO LEGIT SCHOOL LEFT =_=""!!!!!!!

Jamberoo tomorrow and I could not be more excited. ♥

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