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Fuck me when did I start sleeping earlier!? When did I want to start sleeping at all?! It is only 1:32 AM which used to be EARLY for me but these days I want to fall asleep as soon as possible. I guess all those reluctant mornings I had to get up for school started getting to me, huh. Heh.

Anyway, I had tutor today and then Claudia's birthday party, in which my feet did not hurt at all because all I did is take photos (minimal, really), drink (water. I had some orange juice at Hungry Jacks on the way there, but I had a few sips of other people's stuff - Jim Bean is fucking disgusting what the actual fuck WHY WOULD ANYONE INVENT AND SELL SOMETHING THAT TASTES CRAP??? EVEN MORE STRANGELY, WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY IT?????? Idiots.), dance (minimally - until Marina threw me around so much my arm hit the pole and I had to go rub it better [wut a pussy. Haha]) and SNUGGLE WITH LUCY AND LEON AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER PEEPS WHO JOINED OUR NEXT OF WARMTH AND LOVE. OH MY GOODNESS THAT WAS BASICALLY 50% OF MY NIGHT, JUST CHILLING ON THE SOFA WITH A FUCKING BLANKET HAHA. In my defence I had a bit of a headache and I was tired (weak).

But there were still heaps of photos! (@__@") It was so strange to see that for once I was glad for people to get it out of my hands! (lap). Gonna sleep now! Have math tutoring later. LOL PHUARK DAT. Ugh. I fight it every fucking time. Anyway, much looovee :) AND HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT NIGHT CLAUDIA! Your mother is lovely and DOESN'T LOOK 50 AT ALL. WHAT THE FERK. Man I used to think people who were 50 years old must be very old indeed but actually most 50yearolds are mad young-looking O_O". It's SO insane to think they've lived for half a century. What the fuck!!!!!! Mindtrip. Anyway. ^_^"

Oh wow this blogpost was written so quickly! Mad easy to type on Macbook haha

P.S. Ty Brendan for carting me around everywhere. I adore you so.

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