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Who the fuq needs words when you have an iPhone? :) For the first time in my life, I'm so much more content to sit back, relax and have fun and just show rather than say too much. ^_^

Amiejays the babe giving me a lift to school!! ♥ My friendship with him blows my mind all the time. We've come full circle.. From friends, to liking each other, to hating each other, to tolerating each other, to acquaintances, to friends again :'D #sappyjess

MY FUCKING DELICIOUS SALAD FROM MADISON'S @ MIRANDA FOOD COURT. Chicken Caesar Salad + some uh pesto gnocchi?.. Pretty sure that isn't right ROFL I didn't read the tags but HOLY FUCK IT WAS AMAZING! Too bad I had to wait a lil while before going on the treadmill :\"

TEZZABEAR DRIVING US HOME FROM GYM :) Us is me and Wangays and Terry himself, obviously. Leon didn't come because he had some English thing to do ?_?

Was jogging/running (?) on the treadmill when Terry said it was about time to go home, so my complexion is still so rosy~! Ah @_@ Sweat sukijanai. LOL XD I think that's why I've been resisting Summer all year.. ESPECIALLY since last summer where the GROUND WAS RADIATING HEAT. I distinctly remember going home every day and announcing "I'm going to have a cold shower when I get home!!" and never doing it. LOL! But the weather was so fucking brilliant today that I'm actually excited to go to the beach and hang out with friends, which is weird, because I never like the beach usually! :P. Also, having aallll the windows down + the sunroof open in the car helped me get into the Summer mood.. That's why my hair is whipping around my face hehe.

Okay, this post has literally taken me like a whole hour to write wtf. ANYWAY! Good day ♥

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