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Teach me to evict the darkness from my heart and replace Your goodness instead. Teach me to love everyone, not just my friends, to see that each person has worth. Lead me away from my sinful thoughts and instead teach me to redeem myself, to learn from my mistakes, to make use of everything you give me, to treasure EVERYTHING I have.

Teach me to love you. Teach me to love my friends and my teachers and to learn to love those I hate. Teach me to love you, and teach me to love myself. Renew my faith in you, time and time again — even when it wanes, let me return to you.

Help me to become a better person. To improve every day. To teach me what matters and what doesn't. Teach me that humility comes before honour, infuse in me your ideas and give me the ability to think about them.

Lord, let me help others. Make my faith in You stronger day by day.. Teach me how to pray truly, teach me what Your Love is.

Thankyou for Wangays and Tanya and Bec and Britt; you gave me these beautiful people so that their faith would inspire me. I love you. Teach me to love you better.

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