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I am so frightened. This time in exactly three weeks I will probably have returned home from my High School Graduation dinner. And that frightens the FUCK out of me. TT___TT Not to mention the fact that I will never ever ever be able to hug Brendan or tackle George or clutch Lindsay or get annoyed at the librarian (fucking seriously) again.

Ever. I won't be able to get that same kind of friendship with the same people ever again.

But then I remember that I have formal after HSC and I'm cheered up a lot, because I feel like that's the ULTIMATE graduation. My LAST time to see my friends.

Dayum this post ain't depressing at all! SORRY GUYS! I LOVE MY GRADE SO MUCH THOUGH *WEEP* #emotionallyunstablejess #pouncetimebaby #loljk #whowantstopouncejess!? #NOTIME #HSC #STOP #HASHTAGGING #THISAINTTWITTER #ANDTALKINGTOYOURSELF #GODDDDDDD.

Hehe. Love ♥

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