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Romance-wise, things are coming along (I think). Still slowly, though. DARGH! Here are some photos of what's been going on lately ^_^

1. From our last Thursday at school :) I love my girls!! ♥. THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT THOUGH.. OMFG

2. Jamberoo! Went on so few rides, but it was fun anyway ♥

3. Graduation Day & Dinner. Yeah.. Dargh

We went to New York Patisserie to eat sweet things :) Following photos are from Grad Dinner ♥

4. The craziest and most bizarre Friday of my life! Dolls Point until there was suddenly random, harsh gusts of wind where the sand was literally lifted up and hit us on the leg fucken ow. LOL when everyone was packing up their shiet I went and pulled my board shorts off and put my black shiny tights on haha.. We all decided to meet up at my place later (my place. So efficient. So convenient) and Q and I showered and we went to F2F (super late!!) where overdressed me decided to borrow Steph B's swimming cossies and chill in the pool.. ..Resulting in me having to eat at Brighton later on with no panties and a wet bra. When I went to blowdry my boobs, one of the girls working at the Thai place came in.. Lucky she was super nice > <"

The rest is history. I can say, though, that fkn Amiejays saw some cops at Kogarah, decided to DETOUR, GOT LOST AND THEN SPENT 10 MINS GETTING US BACK ON THE ROAD WHERE IT COULD HAVE TAKEN US 2 MINUTES LFJAGILAKFJLHGJK. #PARANOIDJAMIE.

The awkward moment when your two best friends should go make babies.

Stopped by school to take one last photo :P.

"Sunny, take a photo with me ^.^!"

"Aw, sorry Jess, I'll take it with you~"


Then we went to beach to play with sparklers.. AND WE DECIDED TO DRAW "YR 12 2011"! AAAHHH ♥. Too bad it's probably photoshopped because we kept messing up/running out of sparklers LOL


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