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DISCLAIMER: Times may or may not be accurate. But who cares?

8:22am Da fuq is that noise? It's my first alarm to wake up for tutor today. Neh. *Stops alarm* *falls back asleep instantly*
8:40am Second alarm. ......

Neh. *Stops alarm* *falls back asleep instantly*
9:53am Oh fuck haaa.. Overslept by 53 minutes. Not going tutor =____=" Guess it's time to call Dr Du and let them know I have a .. a.. Hmm. ..headache. Yeah, that's good, I actually had a headache quite recently. I start practising for my Oscar Award-winning performance for when my mum finds out I'm in my bed rather than at tutor. "Ooohh.. Maa~。。 我头痛。。说话笑声一点吧。。Aiyah!!" (Translates to "My head hurts.. Speak more quietly..".)
9:54am Decide that I am, indeed, the worst daughter in history.
9:57am Glad that's done with. Feel a little guilty about lying now because the office lady was so nice. "Take care!" Aww. Time to text Leon and Qin - my food buddies after chewduh on Sundays, as well as Matt - and update my twitter and say pretty much the same thing for each. "LOLomg, not going Dr du today, fkn just woke up. Lied I have a headache oh no"
Fall asleep again for the second time.
11:15am I suppose I'll get up soon. Have to meet with friends for gym in 45 minutes! *Stays in bed*
11:22am Okay get up. Breakfast, change, wash face, such and such.

12:13pm Walk out of the house! Finally. Wangays tells me I'm to meet up with them at the Station in front of Maccas.
12:16pm Receive a very, very devastating text from Qin. Curse myself for skipping tutor today. This is what I get! #karma
12:24pm I tell Wangays of this devastating news. We, being Wngys, Tezzabear, Damo and myself, go to Wetfield to collect Leon.
12:31pm (I enjoy making these times up.) We bump into Qin. I begin to wail at Devastating News and she cracks de fuq up. I continue to wail. She leaves and we head to Maccas to find Leon and some $1 Cheeseburgers.
12:45pm — 3pm Wait for the guys to eat, mull over my devastating news. Cry to Qin via text. "I'll reenact it tomorrow." Slightly cheered. After that is Gym gym gym gym gym gym gym gym gym oh fuck me I'm TIRED BRAH, DO NOT WANT TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH ANOTHER TREADMILL AGAINZ. We head to the car and decide to eat at Meridian :).
3:15pm Walk into Meridian and we order our meals. :D I want an OJ so I head to the bar .. Even though the small, rarely-used CLEVER part of my conscience tells me it's a dumb idea. The other large, very often-used, obnoxious-sounding voice in my head tells me to just go and get one anyway. IT'S JUST OJ RIGHT?
3:16pm Still waiting for lady to serve us. BIATCH TURN ARROOUNNDDDD.
3:17pm She serves us and I get Wangays to buy the OJ for me because he's eighteen. The lady asks us all for ID. My heart pauses momentarily. I restart it and open my wallet to reveal my very much underage school ID.
3:18pm She seems apologetic, but says that I'm technically not allowed to be there as it is a "licensed venue". I argue that I'm, what, only five months shy of being eighteen. She grimaces and says that it would still be the same even if I was just a day before being eighteen. She tells me that even though I have 3 people with me who are 18, I need to have a parent/guardian with me.
3:19pm Briefly entertain the idea of having Terry - someone - ANYONE - say that, um, I have been .. ..adopted by them. Even in my own head it doesn't fly well. I realise my dumbfound expression would have rendered any dumb cover I could pull out of my ass null and void, anyway.
3:20pm Defeated, I turn away and head towards the door.. ONLY TO SEE MY FATHER STANDING IN THE FUCKING LINE. Bitterness turns into smug excitement as I run and give my father a bear hug while yelling "IT'S MY DAD!!!! MY DAD IS HERE!! HI!! HI IT'S MY DAD!! LOOK!!" Terry and Wangays watch as I clutch my father and laugh like I'm on happy gas. I notice that the lady is filling up my glass of orange juice and, satisfied, hug my dad again.
3:22pm Still in a slight state of shock at what just happened. WHAT ARE THE ODDS YOUR FUCKING FATHER STROLLS INTO THE RESTAURANT YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET KICKED OUT OF ON THE GROUNDS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A PARENT WITH YOU? Everything else after this feels irrelevant and unworthy of mention.
3:23pm I sip my orange juice with an annoyingly satisfied air. It goes down a little too concentrated but I don't give a fuck because my father is here and I am king of the world.
P.S. The times were SO chosen at random after 12:16pm LOL

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