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Wangays' birthday today.

I can't remember if I said this, I think I did, but love is such a phenomenon that is both underrated and overrated at the same time, in my opinion. (Mostly overrated). Not only that, but I really think friendship is one of those big factors for what really MAKES a person. Friends seem to provide the support for so, so, so many things.. Conversations, to feed your thoughts. Sharing interests, books, ideas, to 'broaden your mind' (that quote reminds me of Trelawney every time haha). Inside jokes, to feed that innate human need to belong (wow I hate that word so much now). Love, to feed your heart. Blogs, to laugh at Jess spewing poetry lmao. SERIOUSLY THOUGHH. If you think about it, it's sometimes so fucking hard to tell the difference between you and your best friend/closest friends because you've been hanging out so goddamn much that you just seem to have merged into slightly different versions of one person wth. And Lynn herself recently said to me that 'she didn't act this way (i.e. everything suddenly seems to be funny or we just happen to collapse into laughter, I dunno) with anyone else.. Just with [me].' And I told her, Good. I don't WANT you to act like that with anyone else!' And I don't :D. I treasure my unique friendship with her, as I do with everyone else. THAT'S WHY I FELT UNCOMFORTABLE PRETENDING TO BE LESBIAN WITH BELLE BECAUSE I'M SO USED TO BEING LESBIAN WITH ALICE IT'S LIKE I'M CHEATING ON HER LOLOLOL! (Have I said too much? Roflmfao) (Relax, it's mainly just pretty standard stuff like 'I miss you bby xoxo' and 'I'll see you tonight ;)' and such.. yes.. -sus- HAHA)

So, yeah. I'd just be a lonely loser - quite literally - if I didn't have my friends (well, they laugh at me for being an idiot but at least, you know, I'm not NOT being laughed at by anyone because I'm by myself). SO FOR TODAY HERE'S TO FRIENDSHIP, WANGAYS, AND HERE'S TO OUR CONVERSATIONS AND THOUGHTS AND INSIDE JOKES (kissyface lmao) AND AFFECTION AND TALKS AND LOVE FOR HIM. And that's what makes friendship great.. Because each relationship is nourishing and wonderful in different ways.

God, I know I must sound like such a retard.. But I guess lately I've been taking a step back and seeing things in a different light, for a change. To kind of reacquaint myself, in a sense. In the end, I think it's a good thing and that's what matters right? ^.^""

P.S. By waxing poetry I just mean saying emotive/sappy stuff about feeringz and shit HAHAAHA. Ah!! I shouldn't be embarrassed about what I think! But if I read this post I would laugh at myself too! LOL DX
P.P.S. I also don't mean to give the impression that I'm NOTHING without friends (but to be perfectly honest [I've been trying to do that a lot these days] given my rather needy indisposition, I would really be not-very-much without my friends - which I'm not proud of hahaha) because I definitely think that if everything and everyone was taken away from you, every individual should still be able to stand on their own. I'm such a hypocrite - I know - 'the concept is grasped.. The execution is a little elusive.' (Princess Diaries 2 LOL)

Fuck I need to sleep wtf fuck me omg. Nites! x. :)

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