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Trollolol it's not even funny how many luvos I've taken lately just to escape the not-even-that-focking-hard demon that is the PIP. I actually cannot WAIT to do this Year 12 X Year 11 talk~ (I don't mean just to complain, or dissuade you from doing it, but to tell you it isn't actually hard - so long as you actually start at a reasonable time!)

I also re-discovered the existence of my Varsity Jacket, did I mention that? So focking comfy. Holy asscracks.

This, my friends, is the result of boredom, vanity, and Sloth — oh and focusing the camera as far away from my actual face as possible so as to get the maximum exposure.. so my features disappear altogether, trollolol. Look at the first row of photos.. Psychotic Jess really needs to dye her hair again, it's turning that ugly shade of orange haha (it varies from normal brown to golden in the sun). WOO BLONDE TIPS :D:D:D:D:D! #excited

Fare thee well; I will see you all on the other side (of my all-nighter) (with Britt) (♥). ^_^

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