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I can't believe we only have five more weeks of school left. FIVE. MORE. WEEKS. BRO, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Only NOW do I realise how I should have treasured our grade more.

A month is not enough. I have so much more love to give. Luckily, though, we have so many more events coming up, I'm so excited!! ♥ I can't even keep track of them! Also, Leon's birthday dinner tomorrow ^.^, and going gym with Tez and Wangays and Phil I think beforehand heh heh. I don't know if I should bring my camera (to Leon's that is..) :x But we'll be in the city, and the city is always an opportunity to take some pretty snaps so I probably will, I won't be able to resist. I hate feeling regret!! Especially about photo opportunities!

Enough speech, more life. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND GUYTH! (Or, you know, Friday for those who don't go Caringbah ;))

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