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The life of a student: Nothing but deadlines and late, late hours (well, depending what year you're in, anyway). I am of course speaking of the assignments we have to get in, the exams we have to do, our lives we have to arrange around these ..very very thrilling events. Especially year twelve, where deadlines are all one cares about, really, and meeting them to the best of your ability. Goodness. TO ANYONE WHO IS YOUNGER THAN YEAR 12 READING THIS POST, TAKE EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY WHEN YOU HIT THE BIG HSC YEAR. Only now do I realise how I should have perfected my AdMats, perfected my speeches, written essays, written stories, done everything I could've in my spare time than wasting away day after day on websites doing things I don't even remember. I could've done so well :'(.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) @ UTS
    2011 ATAR: 90.00
    This is my absolute first choice, The Course I want to get into.. Do I think it's gonna happen? Most likely not. I have to have gotten a killer PIP mark and Eng Ext 2 Mark as well as raped my HSC.

  2. Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism) @ UNSW
    2011 ATAR: 89.25
    CAN'T BELIEVE HOW RIDICULOUSLY LOW THIS IS WTF. LESS THAN 90 WTF WTF WTF. ARGH. I still don't think I can get it unless I absolutely rape my HSC =/

  3. Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media @ UTS
    2011 ATAR: 86.85
    I'm so rubbish when it comes to thinking of creative concepts and stuff like that.. But I dunno.. I like taking pictures.. So.. LOOOOOOL

  4. Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication) @ UTS
    2011 ATAR: 90.05
    Er, out of all the courses, this is the one with the highest ATAR ROFL, I think I'm just kind of keen on UTS haha. UTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ Not only is it fucking convenient, attractive to me cause it's so new and shiny and stuff :D, if I get into UTS I can finally have all 3 girls in Etude de la Beaute go to UTS ROFL. Clearly my priorities are in order guyth

  5. Bachelor of Arts @ UNSW
    2011 ATAR: 80.00
    Okay to be very frank with you I just have this here because of the low, low, low low low ATAR. Plus I can major in Psych or Philosphy! :) Which is good, cause hopefully I can really use my lessons at John to my advantage ^.^

  6. Bachelor of Arts @ USyd
    2011 ATAR: 84.00
    Again, relatively low ATAR. I've been to UNSW and already very keen on UTS so USyd can just be there to look pretty haha

  7. Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) @ Macquarie
    2011 ATAR: 84.55
    Too far + I don't think I want to pursue Psych anymore, although I did for quite a while in year 10 and stuff
And that's it! I would probably shove in some International Studies courses to fill in the last few slots haha, would be lovely if I actually managed to be in a course with Ayu babe (:

Laters gee!
OH P.S. Pretty fucking proud of what I got for my Conflicting Perspectives Essay mark holy asscracks. It would have been legitimately shit if I didn't get good though cause John (my tutor) was threatening to kick me out if I didn't get 'full marks'.. But.. Whatever, close enough right.. And I thought I was getting better with the rank =89 I had for the Hamlet essay.. "At least I'm not triple digits anymore!" Sigh. It sucks knowing I was a triple digit student >;(. Never want to fucking let myself be that EVER again. LOL argh but ANYWAYS. I think I have spent long enough on this post!

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