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My friends are the best. I hope I can learn to better treasure every single one of them in the future.. And I never wanna let anyone drift apart after HSC.

The day basically consisted of waking up at 7 30 to go to Gym with Leon, Wngys & Tezzabear which turned out to be pretty good :D, grocery shopping with Wangays, coming back out (albeit an hour late) to hang out with some of the kidz before Leon's dinnar, failing miserably in those ..car .. driving game things at Galaxy World LOL omg, WATCHING HORRIBLE BOSSES WHICH WAS IN FACT VERY HILARIOUS AND I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVE LE TIME :), taking like 39403902 photos after I think Lincoln or something said "hey you haven't taken many photos today", my iBaby failing me .. COME ON GOOGLE MAPS UP YOUR GAME!, reaching our destination only to find that Jamie and Ayu were still at Caringbah so we went to pool whereby we took levitation photos and Viv and Wangays became momentarily infatuated with my camera, walking back to 'Yummy Chinese BBQ' and eating so goddamn healthy omogod., NOT BLOODY BEING ABLE TO LOOK AMIEJAYS IN THE EYE WHEN HE DOES HIS PERVY FACE WTF.., and then BEATING HIM AT HIS OWN GAME by pretending to slide my sleeve straps - which were already slitted - down HAHAHAHA. Alice and Q and I came up with more ..creative ones to defeat him but, you know, they were um, a little too ..explicit, even with the illustrations of half-naked women on the walls and models strutting up and down the catwalk in their underwear on large TV screens behind and in front of us. This entire paragraph stopped making sense a long time ago.

Anyway, after that was karaoke which is always fun, WILLOW GOT SO INTO SUPERBASS LEWL. And then kind Jameh gave us a lift home :)).

Pictures up soon :) I'm tired. ♥

P.S. Never thought I'd froth so much over a fucking smiley face. I need to ctfd.

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