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Wednesday, 03 August

1:44 AM
S says:
*u know that saying
*time flys when your having fun
*i swear time flys regardless
*i didnt even have fun today
*and yet i did no work
jizzica says:
It's Wangays' birthday on the 5th! So that's Friday (Friday). OOOOOH EIGHTEEENNN! Ahh, everyone's gettin' olddduh! And Terry's on the 8th, and on the 19th my brobro (I NAMED HIM AUSTIN. YOU LIKE??? AUSTIN YUN. SOUNDS WEIRD ROFL) (THEN AGAIN MY LAST NAME IS KIND OF UGLY IN ENGLISH HAHA. I like it in Chinese, much prettier. [Means 'cloud' heh. So that's my last name, 'cloud', and guess what my full chinese name is translated in English? Cloud Rainbow. LOL "云彩虹" yeaah. 8) There's a story to go with that, but I cbf right now. Shouldn't even be blogging, really.]) ..wow lost the plot there.. my bro is turning 15 and Jordun's turning ehteeennnnn.

It's cold :(.

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