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So I was in the midst of writing my 'paragraph', which is more like a fully-fledged letter, really, to Mr O and Mr Chapdawgz for consideration of the Guaranteed Entry scheme into UTS. And Jesus Mary and Joseph I have never been this nervous or afraid of scared or anxious or worried or so perfectionist about 500 words before. (There is no word limit, but Mr O did say 'a paragraph', and 500 words is five.) So now I'm going to blog my troubles away :).

I am a lazy fuck and unwilling to get out of bed: hence, I called Brendan and I can't believe it never occurred to me to call him before :|. HIM AND ANIKA ARE SO FUN :) :). But we had a partial free first so we spent the half hour in the art room for B's drama model thing.

These are the foundations that indicate seats hehe :)

I'm stalking Matt and Willow. Nah we had an assembly and I tried to take a pic of everyone but, alas. #ultimatefail~

I also spent my third free in my old (favourite ♥) Math Ext 1 class, and I actually learnt yay ^.^ Mr Sherley is my favourite! #froth

(No pictures in Maths sorry ;) Math Ext 1 is serious business apparently, haha :) Grats to Q and Willow who beat Q by one mark! Ah they came second and third in the class so that's great ^____^)

Went to PA afterwards and WE WERE KIND OF FUCKING STARVING. Apologies for excess language.. (Butnotreally)

Seriously one of the most un-oiliest spagbol's you'll evar eat!

Potato and Leek soup. It wasn't salty enough so I had to add salt, but by then I had finished my spag bol and I was too stuffed to drink the soup.. And the soup was half-sized!! ..But now.. I'm hungry again > <

I THINK I MIGHT GO NAP. LOL I'm always napping nowadays! :\ =O

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