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I am always very excited to eat cafe food. Everything seems much more beautiful in a cafe - lighting, ambience, interior, waiters and waitresses, everything ♥.

So instead of getting what we usually got, today Q and I headed to Sul Ponte to get some food ^_^. I ordered a Smoked Salmon and Potato Frittata that was on special:

Qin got a Chicken Schnitzel:

I don't think either of us had digested properly because I ordered fkn wedges after that.

80% of which got chucked in the bin, fml.

Anyway, my dish was $14.50, and when it was placed in front of me I was a little disappointed in the portion.. I mean, I was basically paying for a frittatta that was smaller than my palm. I am a girl with very short limbs so THAT'S PRETTY SMALL OK HAHA. So the guy serving me was very, very kind and actually gave me $4 back - and I didn't even say anything! So I was very ..what's the word..? moved by that. The fact that he himself had CHOSEN to do something like that WITHOUT CONSULTING THE BOSS - it was his own, individual decision to make up for something that he had not really even had anything to do with.

After about halfway through eating the frittatta.. I finally voiced what I had been thinking for a little while, even though the guy who gave me the dish had assured me that there was indeed salmon in there somewhere. "There is no salmon in this .__."" After a little while, they checked back with me and they gave me ALL my money back!!. I was refusing, since, after all, they had given me a meal and I didn't mind so much since they were being so gracious, but they insisted (and I ended up using that money to buy the wedges haha Dx).

I'm not sure about you guys, but in my opinion I think that this is why I really prefer eating at a Western place rather than an Asian place. There are very big differences, I think, in the attitudes of Asians and Westerners in general, and in an environment where I think quite a few things can go wrong, white people are just so much more chill. I was talking to Papa Yunz about it, too - in VERY GENERAL TERMS, we agreed that Asians tend to do things just til they are good enough, whereas many other cultures - even other Asian cultures, like the Japanese - don't have such a lax sort of discipline, and go all the way because they trust in whatever it is they are selling or doing or whatever. The fact that they CARE just says so much about the kind of people they are and the philosophy of the restaurant/eatery itself. Everyone at Sul Ponte look like they GENUINELY enjoyed and wanted to be there, and I've eaten at Sul Ponte since like, two years ago and the same people still work there.. This is so different Manmaruya where they almost always looked panicked and often mess things up. (The boss has a big part in it, because it's the person that's paying you - the person you're working for that establishes your sense of whether or not he believes in it, and by extension, whether you will). It's not much, and I know my expression is terrible and I'm not really getting my message across well enough, but to me, I was very impressed today, even though they ~sort of~ messed up my order and the order itself was small and I wasted money on wedges I barely even ate haha. It's the little things that matter the most ^_^.

So I think that when it comes to eating out.. The food is probably about 50%, and the experience itself is 50%. I feel like going to Manmaruya and going to somewhere like PA or Sul Ponte is just ..totally different.. I'm not sure what you guys feel but if YOU had to choose where to eat or work at, where would you?

P.S. If I had to choose where to eat for the rest of my life, I would still choose Manmaruya, because cafe food is just SO bad for your health if you have to all the time. And different foods are tailored for different races. It's true!! Butter is worse for asians than it is for white people~

P.P.S. To my Anglo-Saxon readers, do you guys get offended if I say 'white people'??? O_O. I know it's not politically correct per se, but I certainly don't mean it maliciously or anything, it's just simply a group of people. Are you guys even gonna answer this? :'((. I never get comments *cries in corner*


Don't pay attention to the filter though haha, it's brighter than the light baby pink it is there! I so do wish it was that kind of pink though :'(. Baby pink is all kinds of awesome ehehehe.

More instagrams of today ^_^

Should go off and do some work soon :P. Much love! ♥ (Haha epicly long post after a few days' silence)

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