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I have always maintained the theory that if Apple, like in Kim Possible's So The Drama, decided to take over the world via technology, they would be quite, quite successful and rather unstoppable. Har har unstoppable. Get it? Ron St - nevermind. But I'd always want to do an Apple photo and everyone in the class had an Apple product. Quite a number of us actually had macs AND an iPhone, there should have been another laptop and another iPhone there, Lorraine forgot her iPhone and Samlang didn't 'flop out' his mac! I think more than 50% of the population has one now O____O.. APPLE, PLEASE DON'T EVER CONSIDER WORLD DOMINATION, I BEG YOU.

Can you imagine if Apple started making weaponry? They would be the sleekest, fastest, most efficient and GREENEST fucking WMD's ever. LOL! Put ..whoever was out there making weaponry.. out of business like THAT.

Anyways, all in all, my first all-nighter was not too bad. I was shaking half the day (maybe cause it was SO FUCKING cold, though), my head felt heavy and I microslept in English, but COME ON THAT'S TO BE EXPECTED HAHA. I came home and oh my god it was the best five hour nap of my life.

So yeah! All I remember of my first lesson back on my last first day of school (ahuh ahuh) was that Britt, Bec and I could not stop laughing. They are seriously the loveliest girls ever ever ever ever ever ever ever :D. Hehe!

Much love, guys. OH GOD WTF STILL IN HOLIDAY MODE LOL IT'S 4 24 IN THE MORNING AAAHHH. Thank god I have a free period in the morning then..

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