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Mood: A little TOO relaxed for someone who's got an exam tomorrow
Music: Beautiful - Akon ♥ EVERYONE DOWNLOAD KEVIN LIEN'S COVER OF IT. FAJLKGAFLGJK :D. I wish ice1cube would come back, he was fucking hilarious

Graduation is nervous and I feel - wow. Good job HAHAHA! Just goes to show how frazzled I am. Graduation dinner is approaching and I'm nervous. Every time I think about it, I just think about how everyone will be receiving all sorts of different kinds of awesome awards and all I'll get is the graduation certificate with a sort of weak round of applause. I'm just sad that I couldn't give my parents something more to be proud of, and I'm just disappointed in myself. The hardest part is wanting to give the best to your parents but being too weak in character to do so. It's like all I can say is sorry.

I usually hate these goddamn qq posts, because the answer is just SO obvious ("DO SOME GODDAMN WORK, THEN") but I just wanted to get that out. LOL >_<

I can hardly believe these are the same people. Well, biologically, anywaay. ^_^ I've grown up (..well, biologically, anyway) (actually no I'm still short as f*ck) and I can't wait to add my graduation photo to the pile :D.

At our old unit! Guess who's in mama yunz' tummy? ^.^ (Hint: she only had one child)

I used to swim ALL the time!! I haven't been in months. I'm a little afraid that I forgot how to swim O_o.

Omg *shame*

Rofl I remember years ago trying to fit into my pajamas and I SHIT YOU NOT THEY'RE LIKE THE FUCKING SIZE OF MY HAND WTF SO TINY ARGH. #fatjess

Erh, yeah, bit of a jump, but my primary photos were actually too horrendous to show. Lorraine's 17th last year with my baby Ayu. CAN YOU TELL WE WERE LOVERS EVEN THEN?? LOLOLOL. Yeah, we're disgusting with each other HAHA.

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