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Oh god so screwed :(

Sunday, 17 July

8:43PM Gonna record my thought process here as I struggle through what seems like a very, very momentous and impossible task. It is like climbing Mount Everest in three hours with a pick-axe and a single rope. GOAL: 5000 words before I go (back) to bed. 2859 to go

8:48PM Suddenly want to google 'creative bookmarks'. But I shan't. Thank god I have this to keep me in check ... And Belle, who threatened not to talk to me til I got to 5000 words.

To prove my dedication, I even signed out of Facebook and Twitter. :|'

Maaan. I have a feeling I am going to pull my first all-nighter ever very, very, very soon.

8:58PM My fingers smell weird. It's annoying me. I'm going to go wash them. Sorry papa yunz for not being able to humour your jokes. Writing is going pretty well. ^_^

I'm really starting to believe that this is how I fucking work. I need the pressure, or I don't work at all or something.

This is very very bad.

9:09PM Father put the TV on. Does anyone else think that this fucking show, The Renovators, is like Masterchef but for houses??

9:21PM Die Hard 4 is on TV right now. Oh man it is so weird seeing someone you're so used to hearing in an ANIMATED FILM (Over the Hedge) in a different context haha

Bruce Willis the raccoon ^.^~ Oh god I love Justin Long ♥

9:33PM 2687 to go. Hurry the fuck up.

10:44PM 2491 to go. Getting there.. 200 words an hr :\.. Come on Jess~ I'm past halfway now, though :)


11:34PM I feel terrible. Sorry daddy, I love you.. I love bro too.. I'm sorry. 2379 to go.

11:47PM Just went on Facebook on my iPhone because I was so irked that my iPhone case has not arrived at Jordan's yet. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK. I ORDERED IT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS BEGAN, WHAT THE FUCK??? And the eBay page is all like 'It'll arrive in 2-7 business days' FUCK YOU IT'S BEEN LIKE 20 BUSINESS DAYS ALREADY WTF.

Monday, 18 July

12:02AM Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

12:57AM 2243. Okay, new goal, 3.5K, gotta tackle this in lil chunks or else I'll fucking overwhelm myself. So.. 743 words :D. Much more manageable!

1:08AM How cute is this? :D And this! Guaranteed to brighten up your day dohoho.

1:37AM Oh god that was a mad satisfying meal wtf. Seriously, so good O_O.

Don't know if this looks appealing to you or not ..probably not, I hope you guys weren't expecting something like this

But either way it was really good and I 'prepared it', cooked it and ate it in like, under 15 mins I swear. I SWEAR!!!!!! So good :'). (It's just a can of tuna mixed with one egg, fry it for a lil bit [just til the tuna heats up lmao] and shove it on an asian pancake thingo which I don't really know the name of. And the white stuff [rofl] is mayo :D. It's really good! Jess the chef :9. LOL ♥)

1:57AM WELL, before I photoshopped it all away, my face was all red from the food and the fact that I was already really warm anyway haha.

Okayyyy then. Not fucking sleeping til I hit 3.5K goddamit. Oh, and Q and I both wore our varsity's today BWAHAHAHA!!!

She hates whenever she has something in common with me. -snigger-

3:08AM Got past the 3K barrier. Oh god I shouldn't sleep but I think I will.

Ffff hahaha.

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