23, Sydney AU


WOO NEW BLOGSKIN UP. As you can see, you will notice a few things;

1) There are no labels :O. Ask if you want anything tagged under a specific heading, but usually you can guess them if you type the label after "http://www.jesth.blogspot.com/search/label/INSERT THE WORD HERE". E.g. if you want the entries under the label 'convo' just put http://www.jesth.blogspot.com/search/label/convo in the URL bar. Yes, simple enough, no? Anyways.

2) I do believe that's it :(. OH NO WAIT NO. The titles are a lot prettier if you have the korean font SDKwangSoo M installed, it will go from fugly arial to this;
Hello indeed.

3) That is all. I really really need to do some maths study soon. Ugh, totally looking forward to 3 awesome hours of tutor - O -". SO GLAD I'M DROPPING CHEM! FALGJAILGK!#@$@


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