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SO LIKE I DIDN'T UPDATE YESTERDAY, DID Y'ALL MISS ME??? LOL. I missed you guys! :D Haha~ I was studying for math, but ended up failing anyways. How disappointing. -_-"

Took a ride in Jord's car today, twas tres fun. Photos up soon :)

JORDAN FULFILLING HIS MANLY DUTIES. Yeah, not often a girl gets to throw around sexist jokes.. :|

I can see why. It doesn't really work.

Lynn looking a little bit iffy as I had caught her unawares! Sorry HAHAHAHA. I'm going to bank on the fact that you never ever visit my blog and hope you never see this LOL! <3.
Leon looks like he's in love with her HAHAHA

Photo as we were speeding across Tom Ugly's bridge. (What a name, eh.) Wow, I totally did not see that man when I was taking the photo O_o.

SPEAKING OF PHOTOS, GETTING THEM PRINTED A WEEK AND A DAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. HAHA I sat with Alice @ Saigon when I headed back out after eating at the exact same place moments ago to get my photos printed and whatnot (choosing them etc. took AGES.. My legs were tired from standing..) and yeah, her and I just conversed for a while and then her father came to pick her up and then we parted ways. 8) The photos should actually be done by now, I'll heat out i na while to go chill with Qin for a bit before she goes to tutor and I go over my Bio nts. I CAN'T WAIT YO! 8). I still have tests every day this week, so I won't be blogging too much yah. See yew so0nz LOL I'm not gay I swear. x

Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you

N/A, really =s

Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
Hrm, probably just the "city crew" kinda.. You know.. Colin/William/Nathan/Aruna or whatever LOL/Jake, definitely/etc etc etc. Yeah.. =(. Haha we had a good run together though! But I think after a while it got so damn repetitive.

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