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Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
There are lots to choose from. Joan, Christina, Carter came up in my mind for some reason (;___; AVOID TO THE MACKS MUCH???), Anna?, LOTS AND LOTSS. Even 'him', do a certain degree LOLOLOL. But not really :|. Anyway, someone from my childhood is definitely Christina. I haven't seen her or spoken to her in so long.. And whenever I post on her facebook she just ignores me =/.. Sigh, *sadface*. I HAVE BEEN IGNOARRD. LOL!

I remember once she slept over and I was scared of my dad for some phucked up reason. When was I not scared of my dad LOL, and she was SO homesick and despite my reassurances to her that she was okay she like, cried, and then finally got my dad to return her home.

Which made me a bit upset, you see. I was so eager for company. I still remember the gay bowlcut I had and the pink horsey/fairy nightdress we had on. We were having so much fun up to the point she started crying for her parents. LOL.

And whenever I went to her house I'd always ask to watch My Little Pony.. And I remember it getting more and more boring every time I watched it until the third/fourth time I saw it (it was out of tradition after each time LOL) I actually concluded that it was uninteresting. Imagine that!

And I remember how I used to be SO FUCKING EXCITED TO SEE HER, WTF. And we would be like fricken seven years old or something and talking on the phone and she'd know words like "pry" and she'd be like "that's prying" and I'd be like the fuck are you talking about, what does that even mean. GOSH LOL SHE WAS SO SMART. She made it into Pymble Ladies on a scholarship, methinks.. And I think she was on Australia's Brainiest Kid.. Or was that someone else . . . All I remember is that she was from Pymble Ladies. Maybe it was her friend. Yeah, probably her friend. Someone's friend, I don't remember.

I wonder what I did wrong? WHY WON'T SHE TALK TO ME ANYMORE? =(.

OH YEAH. I saw her ..last year? LOL!! She was at Lazer Tag the same time Mr O hosted the Surprise Day of Lazer Tag + Bowling for us. Man that was heaps fun XD haha. Too bad the food didn't last for very long and the coke turned into water . . . Eurgh. She was there with her friends and when I saw her I screamed and hugged her, and apologised if I had been yelling abuse at her in the Lazer Tag room (I can get pretttyyy excited as you can imagine). She laughed and was like, yeah, you yelled at us. And I was like fuck, I'm so sorry about that. I think I yelled out stuff along the lines of, "MOTHERFUCKER I'LL FUCKING TAKE YOU DOWN". I don't know, the details are a little sketchy :|.

WOW THIS IS HEAPS LONG HAHAAH. Sorry, the memories just flooded back to me! She also attempted to teach me to ride a bike. I was so scared, omg. That was so phail. She lived right next to Kingsgrove Public before @_@ Except she's moved now, of course. I wonder how she's doing.

Am I the one with the ugly-ass haircut, the thick eyebrows, the weird-ass nose and just the strange looking one in general? Yes.

So, as you can see, I've stumbled across how to change icon things at the top of the page you're viewing this on. You know, the little icon at the Tab, where it says "SHOES OFF BEFORE ENTE..." LOL. I haven't yet managed to figure out how to blend it with the colour of the tab, though, it's white right now and it looks so nooby =(. Gah! Ah well. 8) See you kids later.

P.S. Look how white I am. *pouts* Q fkn q

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