23, Sydney AU


I can't wait.

/ for all the good things in life, for all the times I'll spend with my friends
/ for all the things that make me laugh and smile
/ for all the good things to come
/ for all the times i'll capture with my (fkn awesum.) camera
/ for all the experiences that will make me a better person
/ to slow down and just be.

/edit SO I DON'T MEAN TO RUIN THIS POST, BUT REALLY. I was in the shower and I was thinking about how my formspring was getting a little inactive recently (YES THIS IS MY SHIFTY FORM OF SELF-ADVERTISEMENT. GO GO GO) and was like Hmm, maybe I should tell peeps to go on it agen? And then I go on my computer and find this -

do you masturbate?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

To which I said,

YES! FREQUENTLY. IN LARGE DOSES. Usually at school. *rolls eyes*

Yeah betch. How do ya likuh me nao. (..Honestly, the fuck you do expect me to say anyway, geez. Hmm, I should actually ask people that, for *cough* research reasons only.. HAHAHA nah srsly though, guys would prob jus be like FUCK YEAH MAN. WTF DURHUR and girls wud b like ..*deletes question* LOL.)

Ok no seriously you guys go and ask me a ..reasonable question, PLEASE. =(. LOLOLOL. Click~

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