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Music: Why Would I Ever - Paula DeAnda randomly popped into my head just then O_O.

Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend

Hmmm. What counts as an 'internet friend'? Someone you've encountered through the web, obviously, and may or may not have met through real life. I'm a sad loser motherfucker and I don't have many/any 'internet friends' (imagine the tragedy) but the only two I can really think of is Davee and Danzo O_O.


- Can't find a photo of Davee. Goddamit I suck at stalking -

I came across Danzo's blog while randomly blogsurfing one day and he'd done an extensive post on the date of my birthday and since I had no shame back then :|, I'd gone ahead and added him on MSN and said just pretty much told him Hi whatsup. LOLOLOLOL. But yeah, he very graciously accepted my random add and that was that ^_^. Thankyou for being so kind, Danzo! LOL I have restored faith in humanity etc. (Also, tumblr people are really really nice. Goodness me. I also seemed to have acquired MORE followers during my absence, which I don't comprehend. I'm steadily nearing 100! LOL.)

The other 'internet friend' also resides in Sydney and I've mentioned her in my blog a few times, she's shiftcomma3 and goes by the really intriguing and oddly appealing name of Davee. O_O I fucking LOVE girl names that sound sort of male, like 'Danny' and 'Sam', actually. HAHAHAAH don't ask *sus*. Anyway, I also stumbled on her tumblr and idno, there was just something about her that I really could relate to.. Her way with words was astounding and literally it was like what tragedy does. Purges your emotions without going through them yourselves, so I was really relieving a lot of my own feelings through reading hers. So yeah, I had to say something and just ..idk.. tell her that I appreciated it and yeah now I guess we're friends ?_? LOL!

Ok.. That immensely long paragraph being said.. I want people to make me their internet friend :(. Please-oh-please-oh-please =( Please just let me pretend for a little brief moment that I'm interesting enough. LOLOLOL! Or just tell me how really boring I am on my formspring 8), 'sall geeewwwddd.

WOW THAT IS A LONG POST O_O. Dad's home right now so I'm avoiding image-heavy pages, but later I'll upload pictures of them so you can see their secksi faces. =)

Oh, by the way, they're around my age - Danzo is a grade older than me. Thought you'd like to know before you thought I befriended random 49330yearolds on fkn Runescape or chat Roulette (which I have not experienced.. I'd imagine that I'd get rejected a lot though, so no need to LOL [sadface.]) and now I don't know what I'm talking about.

Ugh, my headache is going to grow if I don't go blowdry my hair. BOYY GOYYSSS. :D :)


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