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Mood: Mellow :)
Music: Crank Dat - Soulja Boi AHAHHA. :|

So I was reading my Du notes just then (as you will find me doing before 4 pm on Sunday noons) and I randomly remembered Kristy and Jake meeting me at the airport in early 2009 after my trip to China. LOL oh how they laughed at me~! I don't blame them, I did look rather ridicuruos as Peter Chao would say. I remember the sweet sweet cardboard sign they made for me (or I don't know, maybe it was just Kristy LOL) and then we went to my place and then everyone just started piling in O_O. Then we went swimming at Annas!, AND ANNA STILL LIVED IN HURSTVILLE *wails*. Those were the good days.

P.S. I would have totally uploaded 92902 photos, but yes, I am capped. *grinds teeth together* You can totally tell when I'm capped too, my blog is all of a sudden image-free LOLOLOL

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