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Mood: Mellow again :). A sense of urgency towards my HSC year, though. Fuckgah.
Music: Addiktedddd - Stevie Hoang

Today was the most delightfully bludgy day 8) loved itt, for 3rd & 4th period we pretty much got year 12 speakers in to talk to us about English Extension 1 & 2 and SAC in year 12. Pretty interesting, I wish they'd tell us beforehand though so we wouldn't have to bring our books T_T I was so impressed with the degree of quality at which the speakers ..spoke?? LOL, I was all like, blown away at how together they seemed. It makes me really wanna go to other schools and see what their year twelves are like.. Are they more hardworking than ours or what..? At the bottom of top 20 seems so sucky, LOL.. 8th sounds better :3. Haha, I'm getting off topic. But yeah, the doubts I had beforehand were washed away with their reassurances of how dedication and hard work prevails over even the Head Teacher's advice of whether or not you're suited to do 3/4U :(. I KNOW Miss Dixon is going to not recommend me it, haha. -.-" Zzz.....
On a happier note, apparently there is no Chemistry period 1 tomorrow so YES YES YES YES YES SLEEP INS <3.

So anyways, I was all like, IMMA GO HOME AND START MAKIN NOTES BETTCCHHH, and everyone was like PFFT NO YOU WONT WTF OK AS IF JESS bla bla bla. And I was like WOW YOU GUYS ARE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS, TELL ME BOUT HOW I DON'T APPLY MYSELF PROPERLY THEN SHOOT ME DOWN WHEN I SHOW SIGNS OF IMPROVEMENT (Y). Nah it's okay though cause I'll probably just read some Dr Du notes and then get to my work at like ..later. HAHAHA! XD.

I have something fucking amazing to show you guys once I get my internet back and can upload photos. KEEP AN EYE OUT, TIS WELL WORTH IT!! ^______^.

Day 6 — A stranger
Dear stranger, I hope we will encounter each other and have a delightful little conversation and become friends. All I ask of you is that you a) are not loud and rude on trains and whatnot, b) are not a psycho killer and c) are quite generous with food. I'm sure we'll get along perfectly and please please please let's be friends.
I swear I have some, but, you know, more don't hurt :3.

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