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Jocelyn bought her art diary/logbook thing (from Kinokuniya~!) for her major work in Art for year 12 today, wow this is already a very long sentence. And she kindly let me open the plastic wrapping and look at it and it was so pretty OMG, just like those journal scrap book things I wanted except my fugly purple one is from smiggle and gah it's so juvenile and gay, and I wanted to cry and Jocelyn's one was SO much proer and more beautiful and omg it was indescribable. (As you can see, I get turned on by stationery. Fuck. Should have seen me at the 2 dollar store [or as they like to call it in Japan, 2 yen store heh heh :D] and FUCK ME DEAD it was like walking orgasms every single time I entered a new aisle. [so yes myserious perverted anon person, I masturbate . . . to pretty paper. LOLOLOLOL.] God, it was so gorgeous. @_@ Okay back on track Jess.) So yeah she let me draw her - 'not in the first few pages', she said, 'but towards the middle or something.'

YEAH, I KNOW, RIGHT. Doesn't do her justice :(:(:(. I'M SORRY BABEEE.

Just in case people need another reminder.. I don't normally draw on a regular basis or anything.. Dx ! HORHOR. (I'd fix up so many things if I could / had the time.. Sigh. Michael (the teacher) has gotten so sus so fast of me not doing work in class LOLOLOL. He even tells me to actually understand what I'm copying down when I'm ..copying down. Smart guy. Teaches at Macquarie, so for like, the whole lesson I bugged him about Psychology. LOL!) [Drawing] for pleasure ftw. Waow that sounds mildly dirty ..again. I CAN'T HELP IT *wails*


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